Friday, November 18, 2011

Indoor Bmx

The indoor bmx track is back in action. Racing Saturday, Sunday and practice Wednesdays. Check the Emerald valley bmx Facebook page for times and dates as it will be running a limited schedule until after the new year.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trail Jam

This has been an awsome year at the trails! Lot's of super fun sessions and some new faces making regular appearances. Let's end it on a high note. See you there! Special thanks to all the sponsors and extra thanks to Shad at Goods Bmx. Email me at for more info.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shaping up to be an epic season

I don't think we even had any runs in last year at this time due to all the late rain. Summer didn't start until after the official calander day. This year things are so much better. It didn't look to promising for locals due to injuries plauging many riders this year but the youngin's is steppin they game up. JC locals Nick, Johnny, Mitch, and Trevor have been out frequently and now they are rocking brakes they are quickly working their way down the big line. I expect they all will make it through everything soon. Stoked to see new trail riders on the come up. Last year we only had a handful of regulars at the trails, this year it has been common to have 8-9 riders a day coming through.
Tex Diesel shot some photos of Sykes getting his boost on yesterday. Click the link to check out more.

Father's day weekend

What a weekend. Marcus and I drove back to Butte Montana to meet up with his Mom so he can spend the next month with her in North Dakota. We had planned to hit up some skateparks along the way but unfortunately the rain followed us all the way from Oregon and kept us off the bikes. We still stopped and tortured ourselves checking out what we were missing out on. We still made it to Butte in just over 12 hours.

Irrigon, Oregon

Captain Cradle foiled by the rain in Missoula.

I was pretty excited about the fact that I got to see both kids on Father's day since I haven't seen my daughter since November.

After saying our goodbyes I headed out to make the most of the drier weather and check out the Butte skatepark. Early on a Sunday the park was empty. It had kind of a weird street set up and a couple pool inspired bowls. No bikes. I ignored that rule and took a few runs in the larger bowl, but the high elevation got me winded quick so I didn't stay long.

Butte, MT

It was still wet looking in Missoula so I didn't bother stopping on the way back and motored on to Spokane. Trying to find directions for the Spokane park I discovered I missed an opportunity to session in Idaho at the Coeur d'Alene park. Still sessioning in three different states in one day was a new record for me. Spokane was a fun park, composed of mostly below ground bowls and a snake run that flowed well.

Spokane park.

The Umatilla cowboy brought back memories of a road trip long ago to Nelson, BC Canada for a Contest.

Irrigon, Oregon had the park I was most looking forward to riding. It's a cool set up with a full pipe completely open on one end and capsuled on the other with a door to carve over. 300 miles from home by yourself kind of makes one a bit hesitant to try certain things and the carve over the door was one of those. Next time. I still had fun even holding back a bit, better than braking myself off and being stranded so far from home.

What a difference a day makes.

A pretty good Father's day, I got lot's of text messages from people wishing me happy Father's day, rode parks in three states, and got surprised by the wife with sexy photo's she took with my bike. Stoked. Maybe I'll post a couple later, still waiting on digital copies.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad news, good news

Harvest trails in their prime.

Harvest today.

As so often happens with trail spots Harvest trails are no more. This was the third and best effort for trails in this location but once again met the same fate as the previous attempts. Always a bummer to see so much time and hard labor go down in just a few hours. On a happier note, the trails we do still have are getting more lines dialed in. Our favorite San Diego transplants were out dialing in the new over/under. Paul takes the over while Garret and his newly healed(?) elbow takes the under. Thanks to Tex Diesel for the photos.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trails 2011

This Photo is from April 2008. This is right before the major transformation of the main line top to bottom. The newly thrown landing you see on the right was the eventual inspiration to shift the line right and make the left hip bigger to line you up for the long jumps down the hill after. Crazy thinking about the amount of dirt that has been moved since this photo and just how shitty everything looks in comparison to today. As you can see by the photos below things are already popping on the old lines. All the new stuff is getting there but still needs some work. Hit me up and get your dig and ride on.

Dan Wrightington flings some limbs.

David Lawrence turndown.

Paul A. gets his grab on.

Mean mugging an x-up.

Hit up to check more pics.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Aussies. WTF? Guess they are just used to being upside down and backwards (note the brake lever). Triple Flips. WTF? Just met Jose Janez in April (first backflip on a bmx), now some thirty years later Jed Mildon steps it up. Think it will take another 10 years before we see a quad? Check it.

World's First BMX Triple Backflip - Watch more Funny Videos

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'll second that....

Drive by iphone photo of a sign In someones backyard in South Eugene. I'm sure it's directed at a different kind of gardener, but should be the dirt jump farmers credo. Any out of town folk that are interested in coming lend a hand but don't have contact info email me at We could use all the help we can get.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

So I got this bitchin' wheelbarrow...





Big thanks to the guys from Black Rock Mountain Bike Association for donating the cash for the skid steer rental. We moved quite a bit of dirt with emphasis on lines for beginner to intermediate skill levels, but designed to be fun enough to keep everyone entertained. If you can't have fun at the trails this summer you have issues. Serious issues. Unfortunately many of the locals have sustained injuries that have them sidelined and as the weather dries out and heats up the dirt is as well and getting tougher to move and shape. The old lines are damn near ready for riding, we have been sessioning the first few a bit and things are getting fast. So here is my plea for help, come down grab a shovel and pitch in and help get everything rolling. Mostly shaping and packing as all the dirt has been piled at the ready by the skid steer. Throw some shovels full and help ride in the old stuff. Backwoods out.

Friday, April 15, 2011

When I'm dancing dirty

Like Patrick Swayze...

Thanks to Shad for exposing me to these guys. I'll never be the same.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trip edit

Anthony made this edit of some of the trip action.

10 Guys In A Van – 2011 Old School BMX Reunion Trip to Woodward West. from AB on Vimeo.

the "TRIP" concluded

After lunch the MegaRamp was opened up for sessioning. Most people headed up on the hill to at least watch what went down. After filling out a seven page waiver you could set foot on the massive new structure. Safety was a big concern and those that looked too squirrelly were cut off. Boozedawg was one of those booted after blowing off the pedals on a sketchy attempt. Shad gave it a few tries but decided it wasn't for him and was content to watch. My first run at it I think I was almost half way up the roll in. I wasn't sure how the lip was going to feel and wanted to feel it out. It felt good and so on following runs I slowly worked my way higher till I was landing on the top right before the "box" started angling to the landing. Shea Nyquist was the first person to clear it after pedaling about six times down the roll in. He overshot by quit a bit, but it was then I realized I would have to pedal at it to make it. Lance Mosley wasn't down with tagging so he went for it first try and got bucked by the lip and ejected. After seeing him, Matt Mardesetch, and Ryan Nyquist bail it was even harder not to be nervous. I tried not to look down the roll in too much while waiting my turn and on my next try I took three pedals thinking it would be enough to clear but not overshoot. Wrong! I cleared the flat on top for the first time but hit a small slant a bit over a bike length long before the landing and then bounced a ways down the landing. Oooooohs from the crowd watching and an increased heart rate. Scary! I was determined not to let the opportunity pass me by to do this and headed back up for another go. More pedals this time and I made it to the landing but pitched forward a bit too much and landed foot down. More OOOooohs and heart pounding! Next go I stuck it clean and was content to call it quits. All and all there were about seven people, including myself,f that cleared it. Check that off my bucket list! I headed back to down the hill to ride with Marcus and missed all the big tricks. Mosley flipped it, Birdwell superman seat-grabbed it, and Ryan Nyquist 360'd it.

Not sure who took this pic but you can check out more here.

Damn that looks big! Cell photo Scott Hagnas.

The rest of the day we spent riding ourselves into exhaustion. Riley worked on some backflips and got some on the resi ramp. I finally sacked up and 360'd the box jump. I was probably more stoked on that then the MegaRamp. It's something I should do without hesitation but over the past few years my confidence with spinning has been at an all time low. Thanks Woodward for the confidence boost.

After the session ended there was an after party in the lodge. Free food, free beer and bmxers is always a great recipe for good times. Dave Nourie, Anthony, and a couple other flatlander's put on a show in the bar. Dave is quite the showman. When the two kegs ran dry and the bar closed up a group of us moved on to one of the rooms. The room stay was short lived after the occupants realized that if they wanted their room to be inhabitable, the party better continue elsewhere. The whole first floor of the lodge was awoken by everyone looking for someone else's room to wreck. I don't think a door or window was missed by someone banging on it. No more party animals, so we hung out in the parking lot where Jeremy and Boozedawg kept us laughing with their drunken antics. Ben Ward gave me another reason not to have a facebook by posting pics of Jeremy DRUNK on his, resulting in an angry voicemail from the wife wondering why he wouldn't answer the phone when she called to check on him. Too funny. How no one knocked one out Boozedawg is beyond me. He was sac tapping or thumb in the bumming everyone within reach. Quite a few people will remember him after that night for sure! Needless to say we didn't make it up and get on the road by eight as was "planned". We left Woodward around 11 am. The Portland bunch of the crew got home around 5 am the next morning. Quite an unforgettable road trip. Check out the pics below and links for more event coverage.

One of the few times you can say fast and Shad in the same sentence. Shad, fastplant. Photo Jared Souney. Check his coverage here and here.

Boozeplant. Photo Mulligan. Check the Ride coverage here.

Jose Yanez (first person to do flips, Rad Stuntman), Bill Allen (Cru Jones!), Eddie Fiola (duh)!

Boozer, the Hizz Dicks smacker!

The drive home.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Saga Continues... (day 3 part 1)

This is where the Flashback goes in our story.

Back to that Hoffman Bikes ad with Mat blasting 20 Ft on that huge quarter. Back to watching the Big Air event debut in the X games, with the current MegaRamp, and half jokingly saying "I wanna jump that!". I never expected to ever even have a remote opportunity to try it. I was taking my full face helmet to Woodward West just in case. Planning out this trip I told Shad I really wanted to at least give it a go. Shad thought there was no way they were even going to let us on it. I hoped he was wrong. I told Riley thinking maybe he would be down to try it.
"You're calling out the MEGARAMP?"
"No, just saying I really want to check it out. It's a box jump."
"But it's the Fucking MEGARAMP dude!"
Wednesday, before his transformation into Boozedawg, Andy called me to let me know they were opening up the MegaRamp on Saturday between 1 and 4 p.m. He of all people was down to try. Thursday when the crew rolled in Shad was excited about it too, but made it clear he wanted to take runs at the quarter but at least wanted to try since it was a box jump. Riley just laughed at us and said we would see when we got there.
"It's the fucking MEGARAMP!"

Friday night after checking in Captain Cradle was beat and called it a night. Fresno wore him out enough to quit thinking about riding Woodward for the first time in the morning. Boozedawg, unchecked, spreads his brand of havoc upon the lodge.

Ran into this guy on the way to our room.

I was in the lodge bar with Eric and Jeremy trying to catch up with Ben Ward when Shad waved me over. He was talking to Woodward resident pro, Coco Zurita, about the MegaRamp. Coco told us in his Chilean accent that the biggest thing to overcome was the long ride down the roll in to the lip. So much time to get in your head and blow your confidence. You're going so fast downhill on skatelite that there is no way to really back out once you get going and the long approach allows for plenty of time for doubt. Stay confident, stay relaxed, no quick or panicked movements. No problem. Sounds good for something I have still yet to see in person.

In the morning Riley made sure Mac's bike was unpacked and reassembled and woke us up so Mac could get down to the park early. Most of the crew was up and pumped up Captain Cradle to give Boozedawg yet another run for his money. We had about a 50/50 split on those who had been before and those who had not. I got to see what I must have looked like rolling into Woodward for the first time. Screw Disneyland, for my money Woodward is the happiest place on earth.

The morning session most of us took it fairly easy, nibbling around loosening up, trying to make sure our old tired bones would make it through the day. Anthony and Joe headed for the Art Park in the Hanger to ride Flatland with the rest of the old scuffers. Shad, Pizza, and ODB sessioned the new Backyard mini. Last year it was still under construction. I was surprised to find myself sessioning the Enterprise with the Captain and having fun. Last year it had confused and frustrated me and I borderline hated it. The difference a year makes. From there I also finally got a glimpse on the hillside of the other major addition since last year.

to be continued...

Traveling Music!

Thanks to Shad this was stuck in our heads for most of the trip. Watch this or you might get a cooch contusion.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 2: A Villain and a Superhero

Friday, day two we woke up early especially for how late we went to bed. Kind of hard to sleep through the sounds of Aaron Huff putting in work for too long. He was in the warehouse as usual at 5 AM and we were up by 8. Dave Nourie and Juan Carlos had met us late in the night and shared in the generosity of our accommodations. Big thanks to Huff for allowing twelve stinky dudes to cramp up his space to sleep. If you're not riding a Solid, chances are you should be, go here and buy one. We loaded up our sleeping bags and waited for Rob Jenson to show up. He was joining Dave and Carlos in their car to head down to Fresno and Woodward. While we waited Boozedawg was in full effect. A pint of Sailor Jerry's and countless beers on the way down and on into the night at Solid turned into beers in the morning. Boozedawg uses a loud voice and Sailor Jerry's breath to spread misery to any within the van.

On the way to Fresno silly stories and the team Schralp video that was, according to Shad, to have footage of Fresno's park helped pass the time on the drive. Turns out after watching it, there is not. World traveler and We The People team rider Chester Blacksmith's international sex stories, with photographic evidence, also kept us entertained. Playstation's, TV's, laptops and cell phones were not anything I ever had on road trips as a kid. Sure are nice to have now. On a pit stop Boozedawg warned me that Jeremy had started a nut slapping game and I should be on high alert. I asked him if he knew the capital of Thailand and gave him the answer. BANGKOK! Right in his! Heavy laughter followed by a hand over the goods for protection. As they say, "Paybacks a BITCH!", and I got mine. I thought I was covered up but Boozedawg came in the van swinging and doubled me over. Onward to Fresno with everyone worried about their sack.

In the van watching Team Schralp.

If you haven't made the trip to Fresno I highly recommend it. A huge concrete park that is BIKES ONLY! You can tell by the size of everything and the obstacles you don't normally see in skate parks that it was designed with bikes in mind. Boozedawg had never set tire in a cradle before and made it his goal to loop it. After a bit he had made a very respectable level of upside down. The rest of us worked out some lines and watched local shredder and Kink Flow Rider Chad Osburn destroy the park. Fresno was HOT! Almost 90 degrees hot, and coming from rainy Oregon made it a little hard to adjust. Riley and I ducked out for some shade, a drink, and a quick rest. Coming back Dave Nourie told me I needed to hurry back and check out my son. I panicked for a second thinking he was hurt but he told me he was fine but fully looping the 19' cradle. Stoked we pedaled back to check out the action. Everyone started yelling at me to check out Mac and he dropped in and started cranking! I was nervous because he was hauling ass and when we had got there he was barely making it over half way up. I about dropped a load when I saw how high he got! The boy wonder was born! He will be forever after known as "Captain Cradle". A 13 year old had just robbed Boozedawg of his glory! The crew made sure to let me know I had a short time before my kid would pass me by in the skills department. Marcus made sure to ask me how it felt to be outdone by a thirteen year old. My response was that I wasn't sure yet but to make sure to ask everyone else because I wasn't the only one. Damn Kids!

Fresno Bike Park

Besides a crazy bike park the city of Fresno is kind of gnarly. Driving to find the park we saw streets piled with garbage for blocks. Turns out it was an annual cleanup but that, combined with poor neighborhoods, gave us a creepy vibe. We thought we were going to see a murder when we witnessed a dude rolling a Jeep Cherokee on 24's worth more than it, hit an equally gangster looking dude in a crosswalk. Looks like after some words they worked it out and no one died. A Wall mart stop for some supplies made us quickly realize how much of a minority we were in those parts. Some threatening comments at the burrito joint we ate dinner somewhat confirmed 10 white dudes weren't a common site and maybe none too welcome. We skipped town and headed to the promised land. Woodward West. We rolled into the lodge at Woodward around 11 PM. After checking in most of us took a shower and headed to the bar downstairs to catch up with friends already in attendance.

To be continued....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day one

So the crew is Shad Johnson, Chester Blacksmith, Jeremy Davis, Riley Peetz, Eric Jenson, Joe Lumina, Anthony Tanglin, Andy McIntosh, Marcus Walter and Frank Walter. All of us crammed in the big ass rental van. The vans pretty dialed we have TV, and a PS2 so bmx videos and video games fill in the boredom of the drive. Left my house around 9:30 and made first stop in Myrtle Creek to ride the park. Fun session, nothing to heavy going down but the good weather made things really nice. Got Marcus and Andy to carve over the tunnel opening after some heckling. Marcus got our heart rates up on his first try not quite making it and hopping in the last part and clipped rear wheel and blew off the pedals. By the time we left he had it on lock. Next stop was Talent after a crappy lunch at DQ. Road trip diet. Talent used to seem so big but with all the new parks that are so much bigger it felt small now. 5 years can really change your perspective. Still another fun session in shorts and a t-shirt. Dialed. Andy and I were joking about not knowing how many In and Out burgers were between Eugene and Woodward but traveling with Shad we would find out. First one was in Redding our last stop before arriving at the Solid Bikes warehouse in Sacremento around 2 am to crash on the floor. Big thanks to Aaron Huff for free lodging. Next stop is Fresno bike park and onto Woodward.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giddy as a school girl!

Today is the day! Impatiently waiting on Shad and the van full of the rest of the crew to pick us up. Headed on down to Woodward West for the Old guy jam. Not sure 100% who all is rolling down with us in the van. Some people were maybe going maybe not. Guess when they show I'll know and post a list of old fools rolling down. Should be a blast. Hitting a few parks, Myrtle Creek, Talent, and Ashland, on the way down. Guess the plan is stay with Solid Bikes tonight and get up early hit the bike park in Fresno Friday morning and on to Woodward. Stoked. For all of you not making it, sorry so sad, I'll keep you posted on the trip over the next few days.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Positive Peetz posted this gem up on the Corvallis/Albany BMX Trails site in response to the fixie post I posted a while back. A big WTF for this one. "I can sit cooler than you!" as a sport? Will NO SITTING signs replace NO SKATEBOARDING signs if this catches on? Had to repost this in case you missed it.

In case you had any doubts...

Yeah it's been quite a while but we still here. Not a whole lot going on with all the wet weather. Impatiently waiting for the AARP bmx jam down at camp Woodward West the first weekend of April. Stoked. I went last year but since then they have added quite a bit of new terrain, so looking forward to checking it out and getting in a solid weekend of riding. And to keep the theme going here, if you had any doubts that Shad has his finger firmly planted on the pulse of BMX... He managed to somehow find the picture below of me at last weekends Redline Cup qualifier racing in the 30+ open MONEY class. My fat ass couldn't pedal fast enough to keep up with the big wheelers and didn't even make the main. I did have fun though making them nervous diving to the inside in the first corner. Click on over to Goods online store and buy something. Support those who support the sport. Shad's been doing that for the nearly 20 years I've known him and even before that. Also check out James Thrash's photobucket for more Oregon racing photos.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Um?.... Yeah...

Why not just ride a bmx bike? This makes no sense to me.

iMiNUSD RIDES SF from iMiNUSD on Vimeo.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Nice Weather + Good Session = Great Photos

Dan hit me up Saturday about wanting to shoot some photos at the park in the morning. I met up with him at 10 the next morning, he was the only one at the park. I had to laugh at him and remind him most BMXer's don't get up that early on a weekday let alone the weekend. The weather was awesome for a January day and quit a few locals rolled in for a good session. Dan clicked away capturing the action and yelled his critiques when the tricks didn't match his expectations for his photos. Couple pics to sample below but be sure to check out his site to see the rest here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crossover kid!

We headed up to practice at the Salem indoor moto track at the fairgrounds last night for Marcus to get his roost on. He hasn't had much time on the bike as of late, the last time on a track was In September I believe. He also hasn't had much track time since switching from his four stroke 50 to the two stroke 65. He has been improving steadily but has usually been timid and slowly pushes himself to new comfort limits. We arrived at the track and did a walk through checking out the track before practice started. The arena is fairly small making for a tight track. I pointed him out a few sections that I thought he should push himself on. A triple step up, step down had a good run up and told him he should at least jump up the first step and a couple tables out of corners that were short enough even with little run up to try clearing. The rhythm section had a tall double into three small whoop style doubles. I was a little nervous for him with regard to the rhythm. He has had very little experience riding tight obstacles like that and the tight proximity of the corral fence along side the track and likely hood of "whiskey throttle" made me worry he might crash. He was in the first practice and the track was still freshly plowed and his typical timid approach got him around the track slowly at first but his lap times quickly became noticeably shorter. He even jumped the step up by the end of the round. Stoked! We have been racing BMX steadily lately and I'm not certain that's what has helped boost his confidence but I'm sure it hasn't hurt. In the second round he continued jumping the step and started consistently jumping one of the two tables. He also started jumping the first of the small whoop doubles in the rhythm after single, singling over the bigger double. He also started attempting the next double. Super stoked! By the third round he was tired and not sure he wanted to ride but went out again any way. He finally jumped the other table with the shortest run up but then crashed on the other looping out getting dragged along into the dirt. I figured he was tired and done then for sure. To my surprise he got up took a few more laps and even double, double, doubled out of the rhythm. Ecstatic! The above clip is one of his earlier attempts. Filming with my iphone was difficult with limited track access and poor angles so excuse the quality.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Portland Trip

Some of the locals headed up north for some riding while we have a break in the weather. I didn't get to make it but Dan headed up and documented the shenanegans behind the lens. Beevo for as long as he has lived around here had never ridden Burnside before. Popped that cherry. Burnside and Tigard both were sessioned and Dan got some good pics check them out at Diesel's World here. Sounds like he will post more in the Albums section later after he geeks out, tweaking them in Photoshop.

3 Bmxers are out of the closet!

So... not quit as suggestive as that sounds, but cleaning out some things I found a bunch of old mags in a closet. Three of them I thought needed sharing as they brought back some good memories. The first is a rare print ad from Solid Bikes featuring none other than little brother, Eric Walter. Eric had been denied entry into Canada on the team road trip and was expressing his thoughts on the matter. Look at him, can you blame them? Ha! This was in issue #4 fourth quarter 2000 of BMX Action that would later become Faction BMX mag.

This next one is none other than Riley Peetz on the August-September #14 issue of Faction BMX. Fastplant, Churchhill.

The last on is Justin Inmans February 2003 Ride BMX cover. Gnarly Fufanu, Burnside. This photo doesn't do this trick justice. See it in person and it's a whole different monster.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Know any millionaires?

Surfing the Skate Eugene site I learned that less than half of the $870,000 needed has been raised to construct the new park. Large portions of this park will be covered due to its location under the I-105 bridge into downtown Eugene. Check out the design here. Take note of the lines representing the bridge and how most of the park will be under its shelter. There are also lights already in place that will keep this open later on these short winter days. Buy lotto tickets, hit up your rich friends and lets get this thing done!

2010 Photo's

Two of my favorite photog's have posted up some of thier favorite photos's from 2010. Check out Jared Souney's photo's here and Dan Wrightington's here. Make sure to check out Dan's album section for a bunch of photos from the 2010 trail season. Also check out the photo's of the Jam for Nathan Sykes Birthday here. There are a shit ton more of those in his album section as well.

Winter BMX?

Haven't been on the bike much lately. Hence the lack of posts. Between crappy weather and a nasty cough and head cold it has been a struggle to find time to ride. Finally feeling better the dry but cold weather we have had lately has at least presented a chance to do some riding. Marcus and I spotted the full pipe pictured above on the way to the skatepark after I picked him up from school. A long walk in through damp, muddy fields and through a few barbed wire fences we ignored the ominous "No Trespassing" signs to check these things out. Tight painted metal tranny combined with the condensation made for a surface that was impossible to ride. The crane was sitting next to these looking like the water tank these will make up will be assembled soon so a chance to go back better prepared to dry them out is unlikely. Oh well. Sometimes the shade missions pay out, sometimes not. Unfortunately the park was a bust as well. All north facing transitions that don't get any sun had only just thawed out and were still very wet. Half of the park was wet and slick. Still dinking around on what was rideable was fun anyway. Just glad to be back on two wheels. Guess I have to rally some folks to come ride the unused indoor mini ramp in my shop. You would think that more people would be looking for a dry spot to session but so far no one has hit me up. After one of, if not the best trail seasons in recent memory I have no motivation to ride mini by myself. Speaking of trails, head over to Corvallis/Albany BMX Scene and see how you can help them out with working out a plan with the city of Albany for new trails. It will be a long hard road going through all the red tape it will take to get trails sanctioned by the city but if it works out it could mean good things. Think 9th Street in Austin. Good luck guys. Just glad that the city is considering anything at all after this summers tragedy. Rest in peace Luke. We'll never forget you. For now I guess I'll have two settle for the indoor bmx track to get my dirt fix now that they have started running again after the short off season that follows the Grands. It's been fun even though I went down trying to make a pass for second this weekend. Riley, I think you need to come down and renew the old on track rivalry we had back in day and get your kid racing. What ya think? Definitely hit me up for some hate ramp sessions while it's still there. This will likely be its last winter. Here's a clip of this last summer, hope it motivates some people to come throw some dirt to make this summer at the Backwoods better than last.

End of the Season Jam at Backwoods Trails from Tom Lyons Media on Vimeo.