Sunday, November 28, 2010

Indoor Bmx track update.

Damn. I went and did it. I couldn't just watch, I had to get out there and do it myself. Just watching Marcus killing it racing, he now has two seconds and two wins in as many races, I had to get back on the track. I ended up in a 2-4 combined moto with a full gate in the main and pulled out a third. Not bad for fat and out of shape and my first race back. Calling out the rest of you old guys that used to race! Get off your ass this wet winter and come ride the track. You might even have fun!

Flash Back Jacks!

If you haven't been to the Goods Bmx blog and seen the recent Flashback Fridays you should check them out. Shad has been putting up old photos on Fridays, his last three have brought back lots of old memories. This weeks was of Shad check it here! A week ago was of me, check it here! And I believe my brother was the subject two weeks prior. Check it here! Then go give Shad some love at theGoods online store. Here is a few of the photos.

Shad: Frontflip attempt on the bridge jump at the 30(r.i.p.)

Nac over the Pit Double at Emerald Valley BMX

Eric: Flat at the Grotto

After 30 years salvation comes to Eugene!

One of my first memories of Bad Religion was Mark Murphy's section in the first Standard video to "Give You Nothing". That was around 1992? They have been been around for quite a while but Thursday November 18th was the first time playing in Eugene and my first time seeing them live. This tour comemorates 30 years of Bad Religion. For a bunch of old guys they fucking rocked. Great show, nuff said.

Your Bmx Blog Fix.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, maybe this will help. Check out It's your one stop spot for a ton of different bmx related blogs. They have a list of 185+ top bmx blogs so that should keep you busy for a few hours when I haven't posted anything. They will be listed in the friends links on the side of this site for easy navigation.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Burnside Birthday!

One of Oregons oldest and most famous skateparks turned 20 years old this year! Haven't been there in a while but this pic of the new addition and this one of Snotty over at Jared Souney's site sure make me want to visit again soon!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Indoor Bmx

Weird. I post a clip of a bmx track and next thing I know.... Saturday I just finished watching my Ducks destroy the Huskies after a somewhat scary sloppy start to the game. I was in a good mood trying to figure out what chore I wanted to do after being lazy watching football when I got a text from my brother Eric. He was in town at my Mom's house and he my son Marcus, who was there visiting also, had gone riding. Mom's is right next to the Fairgrounds so they went to see what was up with the indoor bmx track. After trying a few doors they found one open and the track was built up and pretty dialed in. They ended up talking to the track Director and found out it was the opening day. Next thing you know Mac's got a membership and is signed up to race. Boom. Text message from him read: Got Mac a membership and he is going to race at 4:30. Well, chores were quickly neglected and I headed in to watch him race. I raced for a few years in my day but haven't been to the track in quite some time, at least not during a race. Saturday at the track was a real nostalgic moment, there was even a 20 inch class in my age group. The track looked pretty good and got me thinking about maybe racing a bit this winter to stay on the bike more. Marcus did pretty good, and looked smooth even on an 18" that he is quickly outgrowing, a fact made even more obvious on the track. He finished second racing intermediates, not bad. Any other old guys want to come keep it old school and race me on platforms in jeans, long sleeve t-shirt, rocking a pro-tech? Here is a clip of Mac jumping the "dirt jump". This is the biggest double he's cleared to date. Next spring he better man up and hit the trails he could obviously take to it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Damn! Skills!

This makes me want to dig more race style rythem this winter.

Anthem II Trailer

Many of you younger riders were around 3-5 years old when the first Anthem video dropped, so you might not be familiar. Dialed video wtih lots of trail footage. Looks like the second is going to be a banger as well. Peep the trailer.

ANTHEM II trailer from Stew Johnson on Vimeo.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dog Pound Halloween Jam

Halloween jam at Curb Dogs - More BMX Videos

Well the Halloween Jam was a success. I want to thank everyone that drove from out of town to come and ride. We had a very nice turn out. It was very crazy have to switch the days and then switch them back. . . but in the end it all worked out. The cops still dropped by as promised, but where super friendly and we just invited them on in! I want to thank Tyson Copeland from "Drop in Productions" for the web edit. There may be more videos and pictures posted later. . . but for now, ENJOY!

-Nathan Sykes

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Albany Jam Pics!

Dan over at Diesel's World. finally came through with some pics from the Albany trail jam. Good times! Thanks again to Riley and the other locals for putting on a kick ass jam.

Keenan lays one FLAT!

Huggies proves he can turn down anything. Even the big wheel.

Yours truely getting geeked on the tweak.

Blake??? tuck no hander

Chris Aitken. KA-LICKED!

Ben Hucke Steez

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Diesel's World

Check out Dan Wrightington aka Tex Diesel's new site Diesel's World. Peep the albums section for a bunch of kick ass photos from this summers trail sessions. Word.

Luke Shirt from Pulpit Clothing

Pulpit Clothing has released a memorial shirt with proceeds benifiting the Luke Esgate Memorial Fund. Order yours here! Available black or white. Check em out. Shred in peace bro!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late Notice!

Video premier this thursday! Chet called and let me know there will be a parts raffle and all proceeds will go to benefit the Luke Esgate Memorial Fund. Go see Chet rip in his new video part and help out all at once! Good times.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dog Pound Halloween Jam



Date: Oct. 29th
Time: 8:00 pm - ___________
Location: Dog Pound Ramps (Marcola) For directions or any info. please call Nathan Sykes at (541)-232-7819

Please, please, please!!!! Bring a Costume.

Best Costume
Best Wreck

Also, there will be a donation bucket available to anyone who would like to give to Luke's family in this time. He is missed by all and this is a huge shock to the BMX world. All are love goes out to his family. So please, if you feel the desire to give, bring anything you can to help his family in this time. Thank you.

Nathan Sykes.

Area 51 Trail Jam

That Saturday was a great time and how I hope to remember Luke. A kid that couldn't be happier to spend the day shredding on his bike. Thanks to Riley Peetz and all the locals for throwing another kick ass trail jam to end out the season. We have all been figuring that given the tragedy the following day that it spelt certain doom for the future of Area 51. A representative from the city of Albany was in attendance at the memorial and spoke to Luke's father and Riley about possibly keeping the trails but moving them to a more prominent location Bryant Park, a possible motivation for the move being accessibility in emergency situations. Stoked that they are open to the idea of keeping them but we may need to step up and help the locals convince them that keeping them where they are would be a better memorial to Luke and safer from damage that would be caused by increased exposure. I'll keep in touch with Riley and update info on this as it comes in. Plans are underway for some friends to erect a memorial at the trails Sunday afternoon.

Luke Remembered

Today was Luke's memorial, an afternoon spent remembering and sharing memories of a person who will be greatly missed by all those who knew or met him. Sitting in the church packed to standing room only capacity one could see that you're not just a splash in the pond of life but also the ripples touching everything around it. Here is a young man that with only 17 years of life left an obvious impression on everyone around him. Today made me proud to be part of the bmx community and bike community in general seeing the outpouring of support for Luke and his family. Check out an edit of Luke doing his thing on his bike this summer here.

Luke "Scooby" Esgate
Aug. 11, 1993 - Oct. 17, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lucas Esgate Memorial

Funeral plans are coming together.

There will be a viewing Friday, October 22nd from 4-7 PM at West Lawn Funeral Home in Eugene for Lucas Lee Esgate "Scooby' who died October 17th in Albany, OR from a bicycle accident. The Memorial Service will be Saturday, October 23, at The Elmira Church of Christ on Warthen Road, in Elmira at 2 PM.

Memorial Contributions can be made to the Lucas Esgate Memorial Fund at Siuslaw Valley Bank in Veneta.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fallen Comrade

I got the news of this weekends tragedy in true ironic fashion. Walking out of the new Jackass 3D movie filled with sketches of people intentionally causing themselves bodily harm I turned my phone on to a barrage of messages from Dan Wrightington. No details just "Call me back". I did and quickly learned what had happened. Luke Esgate and Nate had gone back to session the Area 51 trails the day after a jam many people, myself included, attended and had a great day of riding. Specific details are unknown to me at this time but Luke apparently overshot the second set in the big line crashed hit his head and went into seizures. He was taken to the hospital but his injuries were to severe and he past away. Luke had been wearing his helmet the day before and I am only assuming he was wearing it on Sunday. The irony of watching people hurt themselves intentionally for my amusement became overwhelming. I can't watch "Scarred" on MTV because I don't want to think about what might happen if something goes wrong. Most of us push those thoughts of consequences from our heads. You have to. You can't dwell on what if and do what we do. If you've been riding long enough you see or bear the scars of injuries. Most of us wear them like a badge of honor for adversity overcome and hop back on the steel horse for another go at it. None of us expect to pay the ultimate price doing what we do. None of us would jump off a second story roof to our head but that's about the equivalent of what we do at times. Everyone was talking about T.J. Lavin, his crash and being in a coma. Mike Aitkin had to recover from similar injuries, yet most of us still won't wear a helmet. Maybe the one thing we can get out this tragedy is to be safer. Strap on a helmet. Luke we will miss you buddy. Keep the trails ready homie cause you never know when the next one of us will join you for a session in the afterlife.
-Frank Walter-

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Old School!

Almost forgot this was going to happen. I had heard about it at the Woodward old school reunion but it had slipped my mind. Haro Team 25th anniversary jam hosted by Dave Nourie in Ashland Oregon. Some serious bmx legends will be in attendance and should be an awesome time. Learn your roots youngsters! Without some of these guys bmx wouldn't be where it is today and you could all be on rollerblades. Saturday, August 14th. Don't miss it!

Another Web Edit

Tom dropped this banger yesterday of some more of the action from last weekend. Check it.

The Home Invasion Jam from Tom Lyons Media on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Jam pics!

Dr. J. Sequential 3.

Nathan. One foot invert.

Daylan. Stylish Nac.

Roman. One handed flatty.

Home Invasion!!!

Wow! Where to start? An epic weekend after so much hard work. I feel like there was finally payoff. I started digging these trails in 1998. So much has changed since then. Even in the last two years the whole main line was moved to resolve spacing and alignment issues. OG shovel workers include Riley Peetz, Forest Burke, David Lawrence, Dan Wrightington, and myself. The last couple years has just been Dan, David and myself. This spring we had quite a bit of extra help that got things to where they were for this last weekend. Big shout out to everyone who has put a shovel in their hand and helped out! Thank you much. I was somewhat nervous about the weekend and how many people might show up, if anyone would get hurt, if the jumps would hold up all day to that many people, ect., ect. Hence the Home Invasion Jam name. So stoked on how well things went down. Everyone seemed to really have a good time, the whole vibe was chill and some crazy riding went down. Only a couple minor injuries requiring a few stitches. The youngest rider making it through the hip was 12 and the oldest was 45. Quite the age range. 33 years, my age. Weird. Speaking of weird. Vic Murphy was at my house! Wild. Wasn't expecting one of my all time favorite inspirations to show up for this. Anyways check out Jared Souneys blog for some more pics. Check out some web edits of the action here, here, and here. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this such a good time. Special thanks to Life Cycle bike shop and Volume bikes for the product give aways!

Super Chris


Garret gets ready to slide in to home plate

Dr. J spins a BIG 360

Garret Saul Karate kick

More Pics soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trail Jam! July 24th

Trails Session

Paul grabbin tire

Nathan tucks and goes for the moon

Tex X-up

David turns one down

Sessions are hitting. The rest of ya'll is missing out. Hit me up.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Skate Eugene has released the final design for the new park under the Washington/Jefferson street bridge. Click here and here to see renderings of the final design.

Dialing in!

Getting the first run jitters out of the way! Finally the jumps are running and starting to get things figured out.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dry Weather!

Glad The sun is finally out to bake in all the hard work. Here are some pics of the progress. Things are looking dialed in this year for sure. Thank you to Dan Wrightington for the photos. We'll be boostin in no time!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lazy locals not digging at your trails?

Tired of lazy ass locals who won't dig at your trails. Borrowing a little inspiration from the Chinese the Backwoods Hoods have come up with a damn fine solution!


Just kidding! Levi and his two munchkins stopped by and played in the dirt with us. These two have earned the right to get some runs in which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for quite a few of you. Big thanks to Jarred from PORTLAND and Riley from CORVALLIS for coming all the way down to help move some dirt. Thanks to Sheldon, Scotty and Paul for helping out as well. Dan, David and myself have been the only ones digging until recently and all the extra help is paying off. Let's get some more help and get everything dialed in so we can ride once the dry weather hits!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rain Sucks!!????

The rain may keep us off our bikes but it is helping the trail season shape up well. Sounds like Solame and Albany are coming along and we have been getting things dialed in at the Backwoods. Nathan Sykes, Daylan, Matty,Martin, Scotty, Nate, Chris, and Johnnie, I'm calling you out! Better come get your session on and show your trail skills this year! Don't be pussies! Ditch the concrete and get some dirt on your tires!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Backwoods opening up!

Ol' "Tex Diesel" aka Dan Wrightington murders the brand new line on the first day. Things are packing in and opening up. Come get some lines in and get some packing done on the rest. Hit me up to head out. Off in the evenings and weekends.


Here is a pic from the top.

Monday, April 19, 2010


FRAME:Twenty Frenchkiss 21.5 in.
FORK:Odyssey dirt
BARS:S&M XLT 28 wide. ODI longneck grips
CRANKS:Primo PowerBytes
SPROCKET:Solid 25t
CHAIN:Shadow halflink
SEAT:Demolition Pivotal
SEATPOST:Macneil -clamp: DK
FRONT HUB:Shadow Rant 36
REAR HUB:Shadow rant 36 9t driver
PEGS:2 of em
RIMS:Odyssey Hazard lite
TIRES:front: KHE mac dirt folding 20x2.1
Rear: Snafu sanford folding 20x2.1
COMPONENTS:front and rear brakes.
MODS:cut seat post

Name: Eric "EMT" Dunaway
AGE: 46
YRS riding: 10
Home town: Anchorage Alaska
OCcupation: Paramedic Douglas County Fire Dist. #2

Top 3 Favorite parks: Tigard-P town
Florence- Florence
Barger- west Eugene
Favorite 5 dudes to ride with: Boogdawg
Dr. Stice
I heard you were with Dr. Stice when he reconstructed
his face on the bethel spine, what was that all about?

Seizure-like activity, snorring resperations, retro- grade amnesia, lacerated lip, dental trauma, BIG pool of blood after the ambulance took him. Rest of the session sucked because we had to dodge the pool of blood in the bowl!! But all in all, his face looks better now *

Words of wisdom: The years will go fast! - take care of yourself.

Favorite BMX vid: RAD- when if first came out(damn he's old.) *

Whats your ideal day of riding? 70 deg' temp, clear skies, huge bike park with single parent cougars, looking for their new stud.