Friday, November 18, 2011

Indoor Bmx

The indoor bmx track is back in action. Racing Saturday, Sunday and practice Wednesdays. Check the Emerald valley bmx Facebook page for times and dates as it will be running a limited schedule until after the new year.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trail Jam

This has been an awsome year at the trails! Lot's of super fun sessions and some new faces making regular appearances. Let's end it on a high note. See you there! Special thanks to all the sponsors and extra thanks to Shad at Goods Bmx. Email me at for more info.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shaping up to be an epic season

I don't think we even had any runs in last year at this time due to all the late rain. Summer didn't start until after the official calander day. This year things are so much better. It didn't look to promising for locals due to injuries plauging many riders this year but the youngin's is steppin they game up. JC locals Nick, Johnny, Mitch, and Trevor have been out frequently and now they are rocking brakes they are quickly working their way down the big line. I expect they all will make it through everything soon. Stoked to see new trail riders on the come up. Last year we only had a handful of regulars at the trails, this year it has been common to have 8-9 riders a day coming through.
Tex Diesel shot some photos of Sykes getting his boost on yesterday. Click the link to check out more.

Father's day weekend

What a weekend. Marcus and I drove back to Butte Montana to meet up with his Mom so he can spend the next month with her in North Dakota. We had planned to hit up some skateparks along the way but unfortunately the rain followed us all the way from Oregon and kept us off the bikes. We still stopped and tortured ourselves checking out what we were missing out on. We still made it to Butte in just over 12 hours.

Irrigon, Oregon

Captain Cradle foiled by the rain in Missoula.

I was pretty excited about the fact that I got to see both kids on Father's day since I haven't seen my daughter since November.

After saying our goodbyes I headed out to make the most of the drier weather and check out the Butte skatepark. Early on a Sunday the park was empty. It had kind of a weird street set up and a couple pool inspired bowls. No bikes. I ignored that rule and took a few runs in the larger bowl, but the high elevation got me winded quick so I didn't stay long.

Butte, MT

It was still wet looking in Missoula so I didn't bother stopping on the way back and motored on to Spokane. Trying to find directions for the Spokane park I discovered I missed an opportunity to session in Idaho at the Coeur d'Alene park. Still sessioning in three different states in one day was a new record for me. Spokane was a fun park, composed of mostly below ground bowls and a snake run that flowed well.

Spokane park.

The Umatilla cowboy brought back memories of a road trip long ago to Nelson, BC Canada for a Contest.

Irrigon, Oregon had the park I was most looking forward to riding. It's a cool set up with a full pipe completely open on one end and capsuled on the other with a door to carve over. 300 miles from home by yourself kind of makes one a bit hesitant to try certain things and the carve over the door was one of those. Next time. I still had fun even holding back a bit, better than braking myself off and being stranded so far from home.

What a difference a day makes.

A pretty good Father's day, I got lot's of text messages from people wishing me happy Father's day, rode parks in three states, and got surprised by the wife with sexy photo's she took with my bike. Stoked. Maybe I'll post a couple later, still waiting on digital copies.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad news, good news

Harvest trails in their prime.

Harvest today.

As so often happens with trail spots Harvest trails are no more. This was the third and best effort for trails in this location but once again met the same fate as the previous attempts. Always a bummer to see so much time and hard labor go down in just a few hours. On a happier note, the trails we do still have are getting more lines dialed in. Our favorite San Diego transplants were out dialing in the new over/under. Paul takes the over while Garret and his newly healed(?) elbow takes the under. Thanks to Tex Diesel for the photos.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trails 2011

This Photo is from April 2008. This is right before the major transformation of the main line top to bottom. The newly thrown landing you see on the right was the eventual inspiration to shift the line right and make the left hip bigger to line you up for the long jumps down the hill after. Crazy thinking about the amount of dirt that has been moved since this photo and just how shitty everything looks in comparison to today. As you can see by the photos below things are already popping on the old lines. All the new stuff is getting there but still needs some work. Hit me up and get your dig and ride on.

Dan Wrightington flings some limbs.

David Lawrence turndown.

Paul A. gets his grab on.

Mean mugging an x-up.

Hit up to check more pics.