Friday, July 30, 2010

Old School!

Almost forgot this was going to happen. I had heard about it at the Woodward old school reunion but it had slipped my mind. Haro Team 25th anniversary jam hosted by Dave Nourie in Ashland Oregon. Some serious bmx legends will be in attendance and should be an awesome time. Learn your roots youngsters! Without some of these guys bmx wouldn't be where it is today and you could all be on rollerblades. Saturday, August 14th. Don't miss it!

Another Web Edit

Tom dropped this banger yesterday of some more of the action from last weekend. Check it.

The Home Invasion Jam from Tom Lyons Media on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Jam pics!

Dr. J. Sequential 3.

Nathan. One foot invert.

Daylan. Stylish Nac.

Roman. One handed flatty.

Home Invasion!!!

Wow! Where to start? An epic weekend after so much hard work. I feel like there was finally payoff. I started digging these trails in 1998. So much has changed since then. Even in the last two years the whole main line was moved to resolve spacing and alignment issues. OG shovel workers include Riley Peetz, Forest Burke, David Lawrence, Dan Wrightington, and myself. The last couple years has just been Dan, David and myself. This spring we had quite a bit of extra help that got things to where they were for this last weekend. Big shout out to everyone who has put a shovel in their hand and helped out! Thank you much. I was somewhat nervous about the weekend and how many people might show up, if anyone would get hurt, if the jumps would hold up all day to that many people, ect., ect. Hence the Home Invasion Jam name. So stoked on how well things went down. Everyone seemed to really have a good time, the whole vibe was chill and some crazy riding went down. Only a couple minor injuries requiring a few stitches. The youngest rider making it through the hip was 12 and the oldest was 45. Quite the age range. 33 years, my age. Weird. Speaking of weird. Vic Murphy was at my house! Wild. Wasn't expecting one of my all time favorite inspirations to show up for this. Anyways check out Jared Souneys blog for some more pics. Check out some web edits of the action here, here, and here. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this such a good time. Special thanks to Life Cycle bike shop and Volume bikes for the product give aways!

Super Chris


Garret gets ready to slide in to home plate

Dr. J spins a BIG 360

Garret Saul Karate kick

More Pics soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trail Jam! July 24th

Trails Session

Paul grabbin tire

Nathan tucks and goes for the moon

Tex X-up

David turns one down

Sessions are hitting. The rest of ya'll is missing out. Hit me up.