Friday, June 24, 2011

Shaping up to be an epic season

I don't think we even had any runs in last year at this time due to all the late rain. Summer didn't start until after the official calander day. This year things are so much better. It didn't look to promising for locals due to injuries plauging many riders this year but the youngin's is steppin they game up. JC locals Nick, Johnny, Mitch, and Trevor have been out frequently and now they are rocking brakes they are quickly working their way down the big line. I expect they all will make it through everything soon. Stoked to see new trail riders on the come up. Last year we only had a handful of regulars at the trails, this year it has been common to have 8-9 riders a day coming through.
Tex Diesel shot some photos of Sykes getting his boost on yesterday. Click the link to check out more.


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