Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Saga Continues... (day 3 part 1)

This is where the Flashback goes in our story.

Back to that Hoffman Bikes ad with Mat blasting 20 Ft on that huge quarter. Back to watching the Big Air event debut in the X games, with the current MegaRamp, and half jokingly saying "I wanna jump that!". I never expected to ever even have a remote opportunity to try it. I was taking my full face helmet to Woodward West just in case. Planning out this trip I told Shad I really wanted to at least give it a go. Shad thought there was no way they were even going to let us on it. I hoped he was wrong. I told Riley thinking maybe he would be down to try it.
"You're calling out the MEGARAMP?"
"No, just saying I really want to check it out. It's a box jump."
"But it's the Fucking MEGARAMP dude!"
Wednesday, before his transformation into Boozedawg, Andy called me to let me know they were opening up the MegaRamp on Saturday between 1 and 4 p.m. He of all people was down to try. Thursday when the crew rolled in Shad was excited about it too, but made it clear he wanted to take runs at the quarter but at least wanted to try since it was a box jump. Riley just laughed at us and said we would see when we got there.
"It's the fucking MEGARAMP!"

Friday night after checking in Captain Cradle was beat and called it a night. Fresno wore him out enough to quit thinking about riding Woodward for the first time in the morning. Boozedawg, unchecked, spreads his brand of havoc upon the lodge.

Ran into this guy on the way to our room.

I was in the lodge bar with Eric and Jeremy trying to catch up with Ben Ward when Shad waved me over. He was talking to Woodward resident pro, Coco Zurita, about the MegaRamp. Coco told us in his Chilean accent that the biggest thing to overcome was the long ride down the roll in to the lip. So much time to get in your head and blow your confidence. You're going so fast downhill on skatelite that there is no way to really back out once you get going and the long approach allows for plenty of time for doubt. Stay confident, stay relaxed, no quick or panicked movements. No problem. Sounds good for something I have still yet to see in person.

In the morning Riley made sure Mac's bike was unpacked and reassembled and woke us up so Mac could get down to the park early. Most of the crew was up and pumped up Captain Cradle to give Boozedawg yet another run for his money. We had about a 50/50 split on those who had been before and those who had not. I got to see what I must have looked like rolling into Woodward for the first time. Screw Disneyland, for my money Woodward is the happiest place on earth.

The morning session most of us took it fairly easy, nibbling around loosening up, trying to make sure our old tired bones would make it through the day. Anthony and Joe headed for the Art Park in the Hanger to ride Flatland with the rest of the old scuffers. Shad, Pizza, and ODB sessioned the new Backyard mini. Last year it was still under construction. I was surprised to find myself sessioning the Enterprise with the Captain and having fun. Last year it had confused and frustrated me and I borderline hated it. The difference a year makes. From there I also finally got a glimpse on the hillside of the other major addition since last year.

to be continued...

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