Friday, March 18, 2011

In case you had any doubts...

Yeah it's been quite a while but we still here. Not a whole lot going on with all the wet weather. Impatiently waiting for the AARP bmx jam down at camp Woodward West the first weekend of April. Stoked. I went last year but since then they have added quite a bit of new terrain, so looking forward to checking it out and getting in a solid weekend of riding. And to keep the theme going here, if you had any doubts that Shad has his finger firmly planted on the pulse of BMX... He managed to somehow find the picture below of me at last weekends Redline Cup qualifier racing in the 30+ open MONEY class. My fat ass couldn't pedal fast enough to keep up with the big wheelers and didn't even make the main. I did have fun though making them nervous diving to the inside in the first corner. Click on over to Goods online store and buy something. Support those who support the sport. Shad's been doing that for the nearly 20 years I've known him and even before that. Also check out James Thrash's photobucket for more Oregon racing photos.

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