Sunday, October 31, 2010

Albany Jam Pics!

Dan over at Diesel's World. finally came through with some pics from the Albany trail jam. Good times! Thanks again to Riley and the other locals for putting on a kick ass jam.

Keenan lays one FLAT!

Huggies proves he can turn down anything. Even the big wheel.

Yours truely getting geeked on the tweak.

Blake??? tuck no hander

Chris Aitken. KA-LICKED!

Ben Hucke Steez

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Diesel's World

Check out Dan Wrightington aka Tex Diesel's new site Diesel's World. Peep the albums section for a bunch of kick ass photos from this summers trail sessions. Word.

Luke Shirt from Pulpit Clothing

Pulpit Clothing has released a memorial shirt with proceeds benifiting the Luke Esgate Memorial Fund. Order yours here! Available black or white. Check em out. Shred in peace bro!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late Notice!

Video premier this thursday! Chet called and let me know there will be a parts raffle and all proceeds will go to benefit the Luke Esgate Memorial Fund. Go see Chet rip in his new video part and help out all at once! Good times.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dog Pound Halloween Jam



Date: Oct. 29th
Time: 8:00 pm - ___________
Location: Dog Pound Ramps (Marcola) For directions or any info. please call Nathan Sykes at (541)-232-7819

Please, please, please!!!! Bring a Costume.

Best Costume
Best Wreck

Also, there will be a donation bucket available to anyone who would like to give to Luke's family in this time. He is missed by all and this is a huge shock to the BMX world. All are love goes out to his family. So please, if you feel the desire to give, bring anything you can to help his family in this time. Thank you.

Nathan Sykes.

Area 51 Trail Jam

That Saturday was a great time and how I hope to remember Luke. A kid that couldn't be happier to spend the day shredding on his bike. Thanks to Riley Peetz and all the locals for throwing another kick ass trail jam to end out the season. We have all been figuring that given the tragedy the following day that it spelt certain doom for the future of Area 51. A representative from the city of Albany was in attendance at the memorial and spoke to Luke's father and Riley about possibly keeping the trails but moving them to a more prominent location Bryant Park, a possible motivation for the move being accessibility in emergency situations. Stoked that they are open to the idea of keeping them but we may need to step up and help the locals convince them that keeping them where they are would be a better memorial to Luke and safer from damage that would be caused by increased exposure. I'll keep in touch with Riley and update info on this as it comes in. Plans are underway for some friends to erect a memorial at the trails Sunday afternoon.

Luke Remembered

Today was Luke's memorial, an afternoon spent remembering and sharing memories of a person who will be greatly missed by all those who knew or met him. Sitting in the church packed to standing room only capacity one could see that you're not just a splash in the pond of life but also the ripples touching everything around it. Here is a young man that with only 17 years of life left an obvious impression on everyone around him. Today made me proud to be part of the bmx community and bike community in general seeing the outpouring of support for Luke and his family. Check out an edit of Luke doing his thing on his bike this summer here.

Luke "Scooby" Esgate
Aug. 11, 1993 - Oct. 17, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lucas Esgate Memorial

Funeral plans are coming together.

There will be a viewing Friday, October 22nd from 4-7 PM at West Lawn Funeral Home in Eugene for Lucas Lee Esgate "Scooby' who died October 17th in Albany, OR from a bicycle accident. The Memorial Service will be Saturday, October 23, at The Elmira Church of Christ on Warthen Road, in Elmira at 2 PM.

Memorial Contributions can be made to the Lucas Esgate Memorial Fund at Siuslaw Valley Bank in Veneta.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fallen Comrade

I got the news of this weekends tragedy in true ironic fashion. Walking out of the new Jackass 3D movie filled with sketches of people intentionally causing themselves bodily harm I turned my phone on to a barrage of messages from Dan Wrightington. No details just "Call me back". I did and quickly learned what had happened. Luke Esgate and Nate had gone back to session the Area 51 trails the day after a jam many people, myself included, attended and had a great day of riding. Specific details are unknown to me at this time but Luke apparently overshot the second set in the big line crashed hit his head and went into seizures. He was taken to the hospital but his injuries were to severe and he past away. Luke had been wearing his helmet the day before and I am only assuming he was wearing it on Sunday. The irony of watching people hurt themselves intentionally for my amusement became overwhelming. I can't watch "Scarred" on MTV because I don't want to think about what might happen if something goes wrong. Most of us push those thoughts of consequences from our heads. You have to. You can't dwell on what if and do what we do. If you've been riding long enough you see or bear the scars of injuries. Most of us wear them like a badge of honor for adversity overcome and hop back on the steel horse for another go at it. None of us expect to pay the ultimate price doing what we do. None of us would jump off a second story roof to our head but that's about the equivalent of what we do at times. Everyone was talking about T.J. Lavin, his crash and being in a coma. Mike Aitkin had to recover from similar injuries, yet most of us still won't wear a helmet. Maybe the one thing we can get out this tragedy is to be safer. Strap on a helmet. Luke we will miss you buddy. Keep the trails ready homie cause you never know when the next one of us will join you for a session in the afterlife.
-Frank Walter-

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