Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lazy locals not digging at your trails?

Tired of lazy ass locals who won't dig at your trails. Borrowing a little inspiration from the Chinese the Backwoods Hoods have come up with a damn fine solution!


Just kidding! Levi and his two munchkins stopped by and played in the dirt with us. These two have earned the right to get some runs in which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for quite a few of you. Big thanks to Jarred from PORTLAND and Riley from CORVALLIS for coming all the way down to help move some dirt. Thanks to Sheldon, Scotty and Paul for helping out as well. Dan, David and myself have been the only ones digging until recently and all the extra help is paying off. Let's get some more help and get everything dialed in so we can ride once the dry weather hits!


  1. haha! Nice one.... I'll be coming out more often, the place is going to be so nice this year!

  2. You either Lazy Or Crazy if your not helping out over there...The Place is dialed !!

  3. lazy locals not digging here either Frank! started a new spot in the woods this spring in S.O., only two sets so far but lots of potential. fully woods for shade, decent loam / clay mix, and creek running year round! hit me up if you come down here and we'll ride. When I head up north I'll bring the shovel; always down to build trails!