Saturday, October 23, 2010

Area 51 Trail Jam

That Saturday was a great time and how I hope to remember Luke. A kid that couldn't be happier to spend the day shredding on his bike. Thanks to Riley Peetz and all the locals for throwing another kick ass trail jam to end out the season. We have all been figuring that given the tragedy the following day that it spelt certain doom for the future of Area 51. A representative from the city of Albany was in attendance at the memorial and spoke to Luke's father and Riley about possibly keeping the trails but moving them to a more prominent location Bryant Park, a possible motivation for the move being accessibility in emergency situations. Stoked that they are open to the idea of keeping them but we may need to step up and help the locals convince them that keeping them where they are would be a better memorial to Luke and safer from damage that would be caused by increased exposure. I'll keep in touch with Riley and update info on this as it comes in. Plans are underway for some friends to erect a memorial at the trails Sunday afternoon.

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