Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fallen Comrade

I got the news of this weekends tragedy in true ironic fashion. Walking out of the new Jackass 3D movie filled with sketches of people intentionally causing themselves bodily harm I turned my phone on to a barrage of messages from Dan Wrightington. No details just "Call me back". I did and quickly learned what had happened. Luke Esgate and Nate had gone back to session the Area 51 trails the day after a jam many people, myself included, attended and had a great day of riding. Specific details are unknown to me at this time but Luke apparently overshot the second set in the big line crashed hit his head and went into seizures. He was taken to the hospital but his injuries were to severe and he past away. Luke had been wearing his helmet the day before and I am only assuming he was wearing it on Sunday. The irony of watching people hurt themselves intentionally for my amusement became overwhelming. I can't watch "Scarred" on MTV because I don't want to think about what might happen if something goes wrong. Most of us push those thoughts of consequences from our heads. You have to. You can't dwell on what if and do what we do. If you've been riding long enough you see or bear the scars of injuries. Most of us wear them like a badge of honor for adversity overcome and hop back on the steel horse for another go at it. None of us expect to pay the ultimate price doing what we do. None of us would jump off a second story roof to our head but that's about the equivalent of what we do at times. Everyone was talking about T.J. Lavin, his crash and being in a coma. Mike Aitkin had to recover from similar injuries, yet most of us still won't wear a helmet. Maybe the one thing we can get out this tragedy is to be safer. Strap on a helmet. Luke we will miss you buddy. Keep the trails ready homie cause you never know when the next one of us will join you for a session in the afterlife.
-Frank Walter-

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  1. R.I.P. Luke was a shredder and a cool dude.

  2. Thank you Frank!

    Nathan Sykes.

    Luke I miss you!

  3. LUKE!!!!!
    miss ya buddy
    see you up in the sky someday!

  4. Great heartfelt write up Frank.

  5. Nice write up frank . Shred on Luke

  6. Thank you. Very well said, my friend.

  7. very tragic i wish his family and friends the best

  8. ugly situation that, unfortunately, that can happen to any of us, so I read, apparently was a good kid, nose to say, but you have to try to get ahead, and remember it and try not to be behind of tears. sorry if my English is bad.
    Greetings, Mariano from "Jalf-Baikah", Buenos Aires, Argentina.